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    Sigrid Eichner běžela svůj 2000 maraton na MUM 2016
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Runners can choose to receive whole 7-stages race, or whether run only some stages or even just one stage according to an evaluation of its current performance and save time. A novelty from the 20th year was the Mini MUM, competition in which to count only the results of three stages. In the 23nd year held in the year 2015 it will be the first stage, 4th and 7th.

Another novelty of the 20th year has been statute "Poco loco run" (a little crazy running), who won this race in memory of runner Caballo Blanco (Micah True), so the 23rd year is Memorial Caballo Blanco and promotes the idea of "Run free", with which it is linked also friendship, regardless of nationality or race, and connects runners with the participants of the Ultra Marathon Copper Canyon in Mexico (more on this in the movie Run Free).

So if you want to start the holydays with something refreshing and clear your head, come between us run. You can expect rich experiences in beautiful countryside in the company of interesting people. How to write propositions from previous years: "You can hold the race as a training camp associated with a family holiday in the beautiful areas of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and Drahany Highlands".

The 23rd year of this race will be held on in 2015 on 28 June to 4th July. This will build on its long tradition. In previous years this ultra marathon served very well as a background in the township school Lomnice (Tišnov, 25 km northwest of Brno) and all stages of the race should target just before the main entrance to the school. Organizing of MUM was in previous years provided by the successful ultra marathoner Tomas Rusek, organizing from 20th year is provided by Czech Association of Ultra marathoners and organizing committee, whose members include among others famous ultra marathoner Daniel Orálek.

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